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Care Services

What can we do for your loved one?

Our team of caregivers will conduct a free assessment for your home care needs. We are here to help your loved one stay at home and comfortable.

We have experienced the challenges anyone faces who has a loved one needing non-medical care to continue living in their home environment. We understand these challenges. We offer custom-designed care programs for disabled adults age 21 and over. Most importantly, we are careful about selecting our caregivers based upon experience and compassion. Criminal background checks are done on all of our caregivers. They are not nurses. We aim to set the standard high in home care while treating you like family.


The following are services we provide:

Asian daughter or female care assistant
Personal Care

"Personal care" is a term we use to describe those delicate activities no one usually talks about: going to the bathroom, bathing, putting on undergarments. When a loved one needs help with personal care activities, the situation can become awkward for everyone involved.


Personal care assistance performed by a non-family member allows your loved one to maintain her dignity while receiving the help she needs to stay healthy and independent.

Our caregivers provide compassionate assistance with personal care. Our personal care services include tasks like bathing, toileting, incontinence care, personal hygiene, dressing, and grooming.


If your parents or grandparents have given up the car keys, you may find yourself taking time off work to shuttle them to medical appointments, grocery shopping and other places. That can be tough when you need to save your sick days to tend to the rest of your family's health needs.

Our incidental transportation services get your parents or grandparents where they need to go. Our professional caregivers don't just drop off and pick up your elder family members. Instead, we help your loved ones get ready, accompany them and provide any assistance required at the destination.

We can help your senior family members with incidental transportation services like doctor's appointments, general shopping, grocery shopping

hairdresser/barber appointments, medical testing and outpatient procedures, prescription drop-off and pick-up, religious services, concerts, plays, lectures, special family events like weddings, and

therapy sessions.

Young Downs Syndrome Couple Enjoying Tea

Nutrition forms the foundation for good health. Yet as people age, they often find it difficult to maintain a balanced diet. Elders who struggle with poor​ dentition or ill-fitting dentures may experience discomfort with chewing, which can lead to decreased food intake. Sometimes older family members lose the energy to cook for themselves and instead rely on convenience foods that may be less than healthy.

All of our trained caregivers​ can help your loved one with a healthy, well-balanced diet. From the grocery shopping to the meal prep, our in-home caregivers can provide meals that appeal to all tastes and dietary restrictions. We can help your loved one eat well by providing menu planning, recipe research, make favorite childhood recipes, grocery shopping, meal preparation including eating environment prep such as setting the table in an appealing fashion​.


You do your best for your loved one. You do so much for them, but you can’t be there every minute of every day. That’s where our caregivers can help.


Our professional caregivers act as trusted partners to your loved one while offering a friendly ear and capable hands. Your loved ones benefit from consistent human interaction, and you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family member is safe and cared for.

We provide the healthy interactions and activities that promote physical and cognitive health. Your care will be individualized for your family and may include activities such as meal preparation to help ensure nutrition needs are met, conversation and discussion of current and historic events to help sharpen memory, crafting and playing games for mental stimulation, reminiscing as an enjoyable pastime, outings to promote socialization, scrapbooking as a creative outlet, outdoor activities like gardening for fitness, walking outside to promote an active lifestyle, and more.

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