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The Medication Muddle Can Cause Problems for Elders

Home Healthcare Agency of Arkansas Provides Medication Support For Seniors

Taking medication of one kind or another is a common occurrence among the elderly. Some may be for ongoing health problems. Others may be prescribed for minor, transient ailments.Sometimes, the number and types of medications can cause difficulties for seniors. Home health aides can be helpful in ensuring that they are taking their medications as prescribed, to maximize the benefits. At Home Healthcare Agency of Arkansas in Little Rock AR, we ensure seniors are taking the correct medications on the required schedule to manage their medical conditions.

Medications Have Become More Important Than Ever To Maintain the Health of Elders

Pharmaceutical companies have developed a wide range of drugs to manage certain health conditions and others that are designed to prevent other types of medical issues. Medications such as those to control high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, treat heart conditions and manage blood sugar levels are commonly prescribed to the elderly. In addition, many other drugs are available for specific medical conditions. These drugs play a critical role in extending life and maintaining function in the older population. An elder may take a number of different medications, which can make it hard for them to remember what they are, what they are for, and when to take them. Side effects, interactions with other drugs and interactions with certain foods can present additional issues that can be very confusing for the elder.

Seniors May Have Difficulty Taking Their Medications Correctly

A number of problems can cause problems for seniors taking medication. They may have loss of vision that makes reading labels or medication calendars more difficult. Their hearing may be impaired, so that they do not receive the proper instructions on how to take the medication. They may have arthritis or other physical impairment that makes opening containers and handling pills more difficult. They may not be able to administer eye or nose drops to themselves. They may mix up medications that have similar names. They may have memory loss that makes it hard to remember what times of the day they should take their medication. Some elders may have difficulty with swallowing that can make taking their medications more problematic. A home health aide can help to dispense medications, monitor their use, refill medications when necessary and help with any physical difficulty taking the medication.

Choose Home Healthcare Agency of Arkansas For Your Elder Loved One

Medications can be critical to elders' continued health, mobility and quality of life. Our home health aides are trained to stay alert to any problems seniors may be having with their medications, so they can alert family and medical providers about any difficulties that may be occurring. Contact the Home Healthcare Agency of Arkansas today to learn how we can help keep your elders on their recommended medication schedules to maintain their health.

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