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What Determines That Seniors Require Home Health Services?

Guilt versus No Guilt

Hiring home health care for seniors such as Home Health Care of Arkansas, LLC, or those younger living with a disability at home that impairs quality of life is easier to make than a senior or younger patient with a disability requiring the services of an extended care facility for life.

The majority of families feel guilty about placing a loved one in a nursing home. Families rarely feel guilty when their loved ones can remain in their homes with the help of in-home nursing services.

How Do Families Measure the Need for In-Home Nursing Services?

Families may determine the need for in-home nursing services for seniors or a loved one living with a disability at home when the patient reaches specific criteria. These criteria can include some or all of the following issues such as,

The inability of the patient to carry out necessary activities of daily living such as, but not limited to,

  • Toileting assistance

  • Bathing needs

  • Help with dressing

  • Help with nutritional needs

  • Help with medications

  • Help with errands.

  • Need someone to drive to medical appointments

  • Loneliness is becoming problematic and essential companionship is necessary.

  • Can no longer carry out household chores

  • Frequent falls

  • They fight depression, have mood swings, or have diminished interest in life.

If anyone has worked for in-home nursing services, nearly all patients, especially seniors, strongly voice to their family that they never want to go to a nursing home, and seniors usually make their children promise them they will never make them leave their home.

This promise is initially easy to make to parents. However, when the time comes, specific health problems like Alzheimer's dementia may require 24/7 nursing care and supervision, making the adult children break a promise.

Promising seniors' place on their children is not fair because nursing home placement may become the only option for adult children to keep the parent safe and sound. 24/7 in-home nursing care may remain an option depending on the home healthcare agency.

Home Health Care Agency of Arkansas, LLC, an award-winning in-home care agency, services seniors and disabled adults who can no longer apply daily living activities rely on the services we provide such as follows,

  • Personal Hygiene and Dressing

  • Meal preparation

  • Running Errands

  • Transportation for Medical Appointments

  • Basic Companionship and Company

  • Medical Supply Company

Keeping a loved one in their home versus nursing home placement takes a lot of work and dedication. Keeping promises to aged parents to keep them in their homes until death takes commitment, dedication, and hard work. This promise ends up broken because families cannot do this and live their lives as they need to do.

If you work full time and have children at home or not, a promise kept can drain your energy to the point that resentment of a pledge can set in and also cause a tremendous amount of guilt. Let us help you follow through with a promise kept.

Rest assured, we put your mind at ease and peace, knowing that we treat seniors and loved ones as though they were our family members when you could not attend to your loved one. We are there giving your loved one all they need to make them comfortable, feel loved, happy, and secure.

If you reside in Saline County, Grant County, Perry County, Lonoke County, Pulaski County, Faulkner Country, or Jefferson County, Arkansas, and require in-home nursing services, please give Home Health Care of Arkansas, LLC a call today. Access our website for more in-depth information and give us a call today. We want to meet with you and assess your needs.

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